Welcome to my blog – The Random Review Blog!

My name is Mark Zita. I’m a journalism student at QUT. In a former life, I was a primary school teacher with 4 years of service in the Queensland Department of Education. In 2015, I left the life of a teacher to embark on a new journey to become a journalist, a dream of mine since I was a child.

My interests are in the following:

  • Japanese culture – This formed during my Japanese classes in school. My Japanese language ability has become rough since but I still endeavour to try!
  • Baseball – My sports love. There’s something romantic about baseball that I can’t explain.
  • Video games – I’m way too old for it now but it’s my life! I especially love Final Fantasy games.
  • Travel – I have an open mind to see the world and experience new cultures.

If you’ve followed my former blogs Tech & Textbooks/The Life of a Pre-Service Teacher, this is the spiritual continuation of it.

In addition, if you want travel stories & travel tips, head over to The Journo Jaunt. Click the link in the main menu above.

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