#JapanTrip13 Memories: MOS Burger

I’ll admit – I’m one of those tourists that still eat from take-away restaurants. This one’s different though. MOS Burger is Japan’s second largest fast food chain. They emphasise on quality and service – and it shows.  The excellent service starts as you walk through the door. The attendants greet you with a cheery ‘Welcome to MOS Burger!’ greeting.  Unlike their competitor McDonalds, once you order what you want you are given a number and your drink on the tray. The burger is made fresh and presentation is key.  An attendant brings you a basket with your condiments and burger. In this case, I only ordered the MOS Cheese Burger – only because it’s the only menu item I could say in Japanese! MOS Burger has an ‘upmarket’ feel to it, and it feels more special when dining there.

This was a restaurant I found near my hotel in Shimbashi – MOS Burger Shimbashi Nichome. It is a good 5 minute walk from the West Exit of Shimbashi Station on Hibiya Dori.

Fortunately for me, the MOS Burger experience continues back home here in Australia. Brisbane is home to MOS Burger’s Australian operations – and so far only in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. How does the service compared to the Japanese mothership? It’s authentic. The same customer service experience replicated here. The burgers here are slightly different as they are adjusted for Australian tastes. The burgers are larger than their Japanese counterparts – but the detail in presentation remains! It’s this experience that makes me a regular MOS Burger customer.


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