#JapanTrip13 Memories: Tokyo Tower

If there was one landmark in Tokyo that was a must see for me, it would have to be Tokyo Tower. Sure, Tokyo SkyTree is now built (I didn’t get the opportunity to go to SkyTree because I went to Japan during the peak season) but this tower is the original. Originally purposed for analogue television broadcasting, Tokyo Tower had turned itself in to an icon of Tokyo. Analogous to how the Eiffel Tower in Paris did for that city, Tokyo Tower is a strong symbol of the city itself.  There are two observation decks – the Main Observatory which is 150m above ground and the Special Observatory which is 250m above ground.


This is the main entrance sign to Tokyo Tower, showcasing an artistic perception of the tower.

The view from the Main Observatory (150m):

The view from the Special Observatory (250m):

This segment from the NHK World show Begin Japanology goes into the history of Tokyo Tower and what it means for the locals who live around it.

Even if Tokyo SkyTree is now the premier viewing tower of Tokyo for tourists, if you’re in town make sure you do drop by Tokyo Tower. The crowds are less!

This is my souvenir from Tokyo Tower – a miniature version!


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