Commentary: iPhone OS 4.0 – you kidding me?

So by now everyone has heard about the new iPhone OS that is coming out soon, and it has some interesting features. According to Engadget (, some of these features are:

  • Multitasking
  • Spell checking
  • User-selectable wallpaper.
  • The introduction of the iAd platform.

When I read this, I was ecstatic! Finally, could my iPhone be more useful than it is right now? Then the stinger came in – some features only for iPhone 3GS’ and 3rd Generation iPod Touches. My heart sank. Really Apple? Using the iPhone’s specs as a way to not enable some features? Heck, if you jailbreak a normal iPhone it’ll do all of those things – but I choose not to for a reason, because I supported the current Apple platform. Now, I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping my iPhone just because I can’t get the new features.  Some of you ask why do I just upgrade to an iPhone 3GS? Yeah, why should I? I really don’t need all the power it offers, and my current iPhone 3G serves me fine. We all know Apple have a really pushy way of forcing people to upgrade. I’m not falling for it this time Apple. Not all of us have money in the bank ready to upgrade to a shiny new 3GS. No freaking way.


  1. From those options only Multitasking won’t be available on the 3GS I believe.

    Most features will be available. It sucks but the iPhone 3G just doesn’t have enough memory. I do find it enraging that Apple is still selling the 3G though.

    My contract will run out in the next couple of months, So I’ll probably upgrade to the next iPhone (read: The one after the 3GS). This is more or less because I can justify the ‘cost’ by saying I need it for school 😛


  2. Yeah I’ve corrected that…haha. That’s the problem, if the iPhone 3G is so underpowered why do they keep selling it in the first place? Then I’d understand a bit more then, that my iPhone would be outdated and I will need to upgrade anyway.


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