Pop Music Theme Tunes Set To TV Show Plots #1 – “Buses and Trains” by Bachelor Girl

Funnily enough I was pondering about a possible TV show plot for this show on a bus. This song seemed appropriate to be used as a TV show theme tune, so here’s my shot…

This TV show would be a drama/comedy show in the style of Ally McBeal. The central plot is centred around a woman who let’s say is unlucky in love. If you heard the lyrics of the chorus of Buses and Trains, then you would know that the events the singer is talking about kinda will match the kind of life the central character would have.

Let’s also say this central character has a very successful career at a top software company. I’d also say this girl would be attractive and intelligent as obviously she would be working at a top software company. To make things different, let’s also embed geek culture within this dramedy. The central character would have plenty of friends, male and female, within the geek circles but wants to find that ‘perfect man’ outside this circle. The lengths she would go to will match the chorus line of the song.

The extra elements: I guess we could make this company an Apple-like company headquarted in San Francisco so that’s where this TV show will be set.

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