The iPad: What do I think of it?


I’ve just come home from the Apple Store. While I was driving to my next school for prac, I wonderered if I should try an iPad – I said heck why not. So off to Chermside I went.

I walked in, and the iPad section of the store was the busiest part. I thought I might’ve had to settle just watching one in action, but luckily there was one that was free. Couldn’t wait to try one.

Before touching an iPad, I dismissed it as an oversized iPod Touch/iPhone. After having a try, my view is different. Yes, the iPad does use the iPhone OS, but when I used it I didn’t think of it as an oversized iPod touch. Everything felt natural.

The first program I tried immediately was Pages. The keyboard is well sized, and you can do touch typing with it out of the box. It wasn’t hard to readapt to an iPhone keyboard – in fact I enjoyed it. As for the Pages app, it is adequate as a word processor but obviously it is missing powerful features like on it’s Mac counterparts – Pages OSX and Word for Mac. Everything was smooth an intuitive. I was liking what I was seeing and touching.

Next was web browsing with Safari. Facebook and Twitter look great on it, although with the latter it redirected me to a mobile version of Twitter. However, it looked appropriate for the iPad. What I also noticed is how snappy the device is. Everything is was so quick – it made my iPhone 3GS feel slow! Heck, even after I walked out of the store the 3GS suddenly felt slow.

The iBooks app I enjoyed, the screen is appropriately sized for books. Everything is accessable – the contents page to fast fowarding to other pages. What I really liked though was The Elements: A Visual Exploration app. Seriously, I can see myself using this in a primary school classroom. Sure, it is geared towards university and high school – but the visual presentation of the application kids will really appreaciate.

Will I spend AU$629 on one of these? Surely would. Would I get it now? Probably not. I’ll wait till the iPad app library increases. BTW, I was probably playing around with the iPad for a good 30 minutes. That says something, haha. I didn’t want to put it down!

This would be a nice addition to my growing Apple collection – MacBook, iPod nano and iPhone. Yeah, maybe I was born an Apple fanboy. I got angry with my dad when he didn’t get a Mac as our first computer – I was 6.


  1. Awesome post! But shouldn’t it be AUS$1258? 😛


  2. If I want the 64GB model then yes it’s around there. 😛


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