The iPad – yay or nay?

Now I’ve been an Apple convert since the middle of last year, and play the role of a Mac fanboy among my friends (if such friends are reading, get a Mac. You won’t regret it!). I have to admit though, I wasn’t really switched on by the thought of an Apple tablet. Well, maybe if it was OSX based and was essentially a MacBook with a rotatable LCD touch screen. When Steve Jobs revealed it would be based on the iPhone OS, maybe disappointed would be an understatement on how I felt. Sure, the iPhone OS and platform would be great for providing a smooth user experience, but for me being a computer nerd at heart I actually want to do other things than what Apple want me to do with the iPad. This is kinda the problem I have with the iPhone too, how lock down it is.

You may be asking why I got an iPhone in the first place then? Well here in Australia, it is one of the few smartphones that work with Telstra’s 850MHz 3G coverage. No other phone has come close to it. Maybe if an Android phone is due for Telstra’s network maybe I’d switch. But for now, I’ll stick to my iPhone.

As for the iPad, I’ll give this one a pass…

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