Today’s Public Transport Nuisance: Follow The Leader

DISCLAIMER: Please take this light hearted, don’t in anyway take it 100% seriously.

Welcome to a first in a series of rantings about the wonderful thing known as public transport, or public transit to our American readers.  Today we’ll start on something I’ve experienced on the bus that some bus drivers in this great city tend to do.  You heard it folks, it’s follow the leader.

So here’s the scenario…your bus is 10 minutes late and you need to get somewhere very quickly.  If you were a bus driver, you would try any means to get your bus back on time without resorting to not picking up passengers. That’s illegal anyway, and I’d admire bus drivers who will go out of their way to pick up passengers regardless if they’re running on time or not.

But there are just the minority of them, yes just a small minority who think it’s a great idea that we’ll follow the lead bus on the road and stop at every stop it stops, without even picking up passengers.  Now come on, I’m trying to get somewhere here.  Using the bus infront as a ploy to not pick up passengers on the stops after is just really poor…really really poor.  What’s wrong with picking up some passengers? Isn’t that the purpose of public transport, to carry everyone efficiently to their destination? This folks is not efficient, it’s just plain stupid.

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