2010 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

I’m a relatively new ice hockey fan. I’ve been following the Ottawa Senators since 2009 but seeing the Canada vs USA Olympic match has made me more interested in this fast-paced game.

Because I can never make up my mind on which team to support (NFL – I have one NFC team and one AFC team I barrack for, the Bears and Patriots respectively) I’ve done it yet again for the Eastern and Western Conferences for the NFL. Eastern – obviously the Ottawa Senators. Western – some hockey fans might be shocked but I’m gonna go for the Chicago Blackhawks.  Yes, some might consider the Blackhawks as a not-good hockey team but to me it seems a bit too easy for one to support a team that is strong off the bat, for example the Detroit Red Wings or the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Unlike the NFL, the NHL is very liberal when it comes to international rights issues – allowing radio broadcasts of their games for us. So go Hawks and go Sens!

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