Farewell Mr. Letterman

Letterman Screencap

Most of you outside of Australia would be surprised that David Letterman was quite well known here. A late night staple on the Nine Network, and in the final years on Network Ten, David Letterman had kept Aussie insomniacs awake. For me, his irreverent and random humour brightened up my days.  How did I come across The Late Show with David Letterman? By accident! I had taped something one weekend in 2003 and at the end of the tape there was Dave. I loved what I saw! From then on, I’d set the VCR to record Dave’s show at whatever time Nine had him on – it was never the same time slot. As my life got busier, sadly I stopped watching full shows. However I kept up with his clips on the web – first on CBS’ website then on YouTube.

When David announced his retirement last year, a part of my heart sunk. Yesterday was his final show and I made sure I didn’t miss it. To my surprise, Network Ten moved his show to primetime yesterday and showed it hours after the US airing.

The opening monologue, the flashback sequences, the All-Star Top Ten – that’s how you end your career on TV! Not with sadness, but in celebration and laughter.

Thanks for the memories Dave from your fans in Australia!

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