Glee is back!

I’ve been waiting months for Glee to come back, and finally it is here!!!! I will admit, I am a musical nerd. I’ve always had an appreciation for musicals, but when Glee came along it has made me like them more. I really do dig Lea Michele’s voice – I believe Ryan Murphy (producer on Glee) said on Oprah that Lea’s voice is once in a generation. I gotta admit, it is really unique – you definately know she has a musical theatre background.  From the 30 second previews I’ve been hearing on YouTube, the show is shaping up to be really good.

What I’m annoyed at is Channel Ten here in Australia showing Glee on a 2 week delay. In this age of satellite communication and Twitter, we need a two week delay? A few day delays I understand since they have to fit it into their schedule, but from what I’m seeing on Ten right now – there is jack all. Come on Ten, this is the reason why people go to BitTorrent. At least show it a bit closer to the US. You managed to for the first half of Season 1, why not the second?

But anywho, can’t wait nonetheless. 😀


  1. It astounds me that Australian networks don’t push for showing programs at the same time. They must lose almost half of their audience to downloaders who can’t wait.


    1. Ugh, I don’t like the look of you, buddy . . .


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