Revisiting Blog Posts Five Years Later: The iPad

I was reading my old blog posts on the iPad, and my opinion on this device has changed since then. That is because after holding out for so long, I finally got myself an iPad! Yeah alright, technically it’s a hand-me-down iPad 3 from my mother when she upgraded to an iPad Air, but it still counts, right?! This is a retrospective post, comparing what I said then to my stance now.

When Steve Jobs revealed it would be based on the iPhone OS, maybe disappointed would be an understatement on how I felt. Sure, the iPhone OS and platform would be great for providing a smooth user experience, but for me being a computer nerd at heart I actually want to do other things than what Apple want me to do with the iPad. This is kinda the problem I have with the iPhone too, how lock down it is. (From The iPad – yay or nay?)

Steve nailed this again. With a portable device like the iPad, the now-called iOS is a perfect fit. Having one app binary shared between iPhone and iPad made things a lot easier. An operating system like OS X/macOS would have made the device cumbersome, and drain a lot of battery. If I stuck to doing light things, I can get away with charging the iPad once a week.

As for the iPad, I’ll give this one a pass… (From The iPad – yay or nay?)

That was 2010, and I held out till 2015. I have to give myself some credit for that! It was prejudicial for me to make a verdict on the iPad based on what I hear, without trying it first, which is what the next quotes address.

Before touching an iPad, I dismissed it as an oversized iPod Touch/iPhone. After having a try, my view is different. Yes, the iPad does use the iPhone OS, but when I used it I didn’t think of it as an oversized iPod touch. Everything felt natural. (From The iPad: What do I think of it?)

I have to admit, with the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus out now, this distinction is blurring. But yes, I see my iPad as a compliment to my MacBook Air, rather than as an extension to my iPhone.

The first program I tried immediately was Pages. The keyboard is well sized, and you can do touch typing with it out of the box. It wasn’t hard to readapt to an iPhone keyboard – in fact I enjoyed it. As for the Pages app, it is adequate as a word processor but obviously it is missing powerful features like on it’s Mac counterparts – Pages OSX and Word for Mac. Everything was smooth an intuitive. I was liking what I was seeing and touching. (From The iPad: What do I think of it?)

OneNote on the iPad is almost as good as on macOS.  Touch typing on it, like I said above, is just natural. I substitute my MacBook Air for my iPad on some days at uni when having a laptop is not necessary. It does its job really well. Granted, multitasking is a bit cumbersome when using the iPad, but I guess it wasn’t designed to be like that.

Overall, I have found the iPad to be a great companion device. Instead of carrying my MacBook around to watch video, I use the iPad because of its small profile. When I want to watch, the iPad is the primary device to watch baseball games. I have the Kindle app to read books on it. It’s also great on flights if the aircraft does not have in-flight entertainment.

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