TV Flashback Friday: Unsolved Mysteries

Picture this. You’re around 7-8 and it’s getting late. A programme comes on the television that has a theme song that gives you chills even in your adulthood. That show for me, and probably many of you was Unsolved Mysteries.

Unsolved Mysteries originally debut on NBC in the US, then moved over to CBS. In Australia, the programme was originally aired on the Seven Network, then moved over to Network Ten. When I was a child, I thought this show was more about the paranormal and ‘scary stuff’. This was a judgement based on the theme song. However, once I re-watched some episodes when I was older, I came to the realisation that the programme covered more than just what I thought was ‘scary stuff’. Even then, it was hard to judge when as a little one. The dark cinematography and Robert’s Stack deep voice gave the impression of something ‘sinister’.  The theme song is the essence of sonic branding. You hear it, you instantly know it’s Unsolved Mysteries. I wish I can download the theme song on iTunes one day.

Let me know some of the television programmes that still give you a fright years later!

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