The #QUTCurlew: A Personal Reflection

Who knew a bird staring at its own reflection would generate so much buzz? It was the craziest weekend of my life. My phone couldn’t stop alerting me to curlew-related […]

Picture this. You’re around 7-8 and it’s getting late. A programme comes on the television that has a theme song that gives you chills even in your adulthood. That show for […]

#NZTrip15 - The Full Roundup

Sure, it’s 4 months after the fact but I’ve finally written up a synopsis for my trip! First day in Auckland was spent going to Auckland Skytower. It has two observation decks […]

Well, that plan to blog daily from my trip went out the window! I’ll give a full wrap-up once I return to Australia. So far however, it has been great!