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Retro Video Gaming - Sega Saturn

Now here’s something I consider underrated for its time – The Sega Saturn. It had potential, but it was a product of bad marketing. I remember back in the day […]

Well, what did I find when doing my weekly video game hunt? Nothing much. The local pawn shops didn’t have much game wise, however I did find something that’s relatively […]

Yes yes, I’m back. Only a year or so after my last post, haha! Due to the nature of my real-life work, comments have been disabled and had to bolster […]

You know, I gotta admit, coming into this season I didn’t really have high expectations for the Bears this season.  The 2009 season with Cutler’s interception record, I was very […]

Telstra Wireless Broadband

Well I made the jump to wireless broadband, and I have decided to go with Telstra. Why do you ask, when Optus and Vodafone have the better wireless broadband deals? To […]

If you ever watched Top Gear, NFL on CBS or even the Sherlock Holmes trailer, chances are you have heard E.S. Posthumus’ work. They are a group based in Los […]