The #QUTCurlew: A Personal Reflection

Who knew a bird staring at its own reflection would generate so much buzz? It was the craziest weekend of my life. My phone couldn’t stop alerting me to curlew-related […]

Most of you outside of Australia would be surprised that David Letterman was quite well known here. A late night staple on the Nine Network, and in the final years […]

A gentle cruise on the Brisbane River in Queensland, Australia. Riding the CityCat and the CityHopper ferry services. Filmed on the OnePlus One in September 2014.

These species of the lorikeet are native to Australia and are very common in Queensland. Taking photographs of them is a little difficult since they get scared away very easily. […]

The Costco Experience

I must admit it. It has been nearly a year since Costco first opened its doors in Brisbane but today was the first time I had visited it. For those […]

Well, that took much longer than expected! I wanted to change the URL from the old name ‘’ to the new name ‘’. During the transition, the website went […]

Well the long wait is over. Australia finally has Netflix! Sure, it’s a fraction of what they offer in North America but they had to contend with exclusivity agreements with […]