Retro Video Gaming – Sega Saturn

Now here’s something I consider underrated for its time – The Sega Saturn. It had potential, but it was a product of bad marketing. I remember back in the day where PlayStation absolutely dominated the Australian market. I had a certain curiosity about the Saturn even to this day – I never touched a Saturn, seen one in action or played one.  Funnily enough I played a Dreamcast before it was released in Australia during the Brisbane Ekka at one point.  As above, I managed to import one from Japan because at the time I purchased this local used Saturns were hard to come by. Just after I ordered this, the Saturn popped up at the local GameTraders. A bit bummed, however I knew that the Japanese games were more sought after for video game collectors.

The games I got with this system are Phantasy Star Collection and Greatest Nine ’98 Baseball. So far I totally like what I missed out on. Phantasy Star Collection has all 4 Phantasy Star games on one CD, and Greatest Nine ’98 is Japanese professional baseball – quite different to the Major Leagues. Both games I enjoyed throughly.

Compared to the PlayStation, I can noticed a bit more definition with the Saturn’s polygons and smoothness. However the PlayStation on the other hand can render some 3D sequences better. This is because with some Saturn games developers found it hard to program for it. The Saturn had 2 CPU’s compared to the PlayStation’s single CPU.

Regardless of this, I enjoy the Saturn and totally don’t regret paying quite a bit to get this in my hands. I have Virtua Fighter 2 coming in the mail so I’m looking forward to playing that.