Back to Uni & The Irony of Life

Well, I had a productive uni holidays. Got to see the Brisbane Bandits win the 2016 ABL Championship – the Claxton Shield. In addition, I was able to go on holiday to New Zealand, and various road trips across Queensland and Northern NSW. Sorry for the complete silence from this blog! Now that I’m back at uni, I should be writing a lot more.

I’m heading back to university tomorrow. While I do enjoy going and what I study, I can’t help think about my younger years. I hated school. Each year, I would cry to my parents that I didn’t want to go back – like Grade 1 on some “Groundhog Day” like loop. That lasted till Grade 4. My parents couldn’t figure out why this was happening. My mother told me that she thought I was being bullied at school. Nope, I just hated school. As I matured, the crying obviously stopped but that intense hatred for going to school lingered till Grade 9.

If you told me in Grade 9 that I would be come a primary school teacher, I’d laugh and deny it. I was dead set on being an engineer. It was the ‘family trade’. However, once I got in to university for Engineering, I didn’t like it. Stuck on what to do, my piano tutor suggested I try Education. While I didn’t mind studying to become a teacher, I didn’t like it either. Afraid on bringing shame to my family for not completing two university courses, I pressed on and graduated with honours.

Enter the workforce. It was the first few years of primary school again – this time on the other side as a qualified teacher. Mind you, the kicking and screaming of those years was obviously not present. I was close, though! It’s something out of a bad joke – the kid who hated school with a passion, became a primary school teacher. Teachers are people who have intense passion for the children they are teaching. I tried to instil that same passion, however I became burnt out. It was for the best that I left the profession last year.

So if any of you reading this are young and don’t know what to do – don’t be afraid to find out. It may take months, years, even decades.

If you are stuck in a job and want to chase your dream – what are you waiting for? Go do it – before you burn yourself out! You’re never too old to start something enw.

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