Rewriting My Story

Well, here’s a song that caught me out from left field. I’m procrastinating my assignments, and decided to watch Smash Season 2 (which is great by the way, despite what the critics say). Anywho, the song in the show is part of the musical Hit List. However, looking through the lyrics, I realise this song perfectly describes my life so far.

After being stuck in a job I hate, a job where I had no passion – I was desperate to restart my life.

Someone tell me when I can start again, and rewrite this story…

I wanted out. Being a primary school teacher was physically and emotionally draining me.  My work performance was suffering. I wasn’t happy. I was binge eating to mask my unhappiness. If I stayed in that job, there’s a chance I would’ve killed myself by now. I wanted to start my life again from scratch. Firstly, by not wasting time studying two degrees – Education and Engineering (which I never completed). Secondly, to better myself as a person. I was living the regrets of life choices, and it was eating me up inside. I didn’t know what to do.

How long can I stay lost without a way to rewrite, I wish I could rewrite this story…

I didn’t want to go back to university again. I didn’t want to rack up my HECS debt any more. I did feel lost – I felt trapped. Am I going to be a teacher for the rest of my life? My dream was to become a journalist. However, I was thinking more with my head and not with my heart. It was my heart that got me in trouble in the first place.

Make me someone new, tell me what I do to rewrite this story…

In the end, the cons outweighed the pros. A rare moment that my heart was correct. I had to get out. I was destined to rewrite my story. Inspired in fact. It was a big risk. I would be leaving a well-paying job, and I was loving my independence away from home. However, I wouldn’t be able to support myself balancing full time work and full time study. I sacrificed my career for my dream. Do I miss my independence and my salary? Yes, I do. There’s never a day where I think about if I made the right decision. But I know this, what comes at the end will be worth it. My life experiences up to now has given me inspiration to give up my career in Education – for a new one in journalism.

I have found my way to rewrite this story.

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