Telstra Wireless Broadband

Well I made the jump to wireless broadband, and I have decided to go with Telstra. Why do you ask, when Optus and Vodafone have the better wireless broadband deals? To me it comes down to the coverage. Where I live the cell reception for all 3 networks is quite subpar, but Telstra is the one that stands out the most. In addition, I plan to go rural for my first teaching placement, and from what I heard Telstra’s network does alright in those areas. I’m using it right now and I’m very satisfied with it.

The modem I got was $59 from Dick Smith Electronics and I was given 2GB of data for free when I signed up. Good deal I say. I use a Mac and it had Mac OS X drivers on board so installation was a breeze.

A few years ago I wouldn’t even think of Telstra as my carrier for my mobile phone, but since they have progressively been giving very surprising deals. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Telstra to anyone.

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